Thursday, December 21, 2006

Notebook/Laptop Computer Make More Sense If..

These days we simply can't live without our computers. I don't care what your occupation may be, you probably have a computer of some sort sitting in your home or office, or both. The more modern technology now being, the laptop notebook computer. If you have not conformed to the laptop notebook computer, you will soon enough. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all that is available soon. How much handier can you get than carrying your computer system around with you. Anywhere you choose to do some work is now available.

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It wasn't long ago that we all had the desktops. Now, don't get me wrong, the massive desktop computers were great. They got the job done. However, unless you are a hard core gamer that loves to go to LAN Party, it's hard to praise the old dinosaurs when we have the option of laptop notebook computers. These small wonders get all of the same tasks done, but without the hassle of being restricted to one specific area, or room in the house. We have achieved Internet freedom. I love the ability of being wireless and venturing to any part of my home with my laptop notebook computer in hand. After all, what's the point of having wireless access when your computer is stuck on a desktop. It kind of defeats the purpose.

It's funny that so many businesses are offering free Internet access. This is a great way to get more business. Simply tell people that they don't have to remain home to work online, or to research for that big term paper. The convenience of the laptop notebook computer is incredible. People tote them around nowadays in their school bags and brief cases. Our work and fun are no longer connected to wires.

One of the many advantages is the DVD option. I didn't think about this much at first when I purchased my Dell INSPIRON 630m but the first time my family and I went on a road trip, the advantage became clear. We could actually watch movies in the hotel where we stayed. It's so easy with such a small computer. That's what makes these notebooks so great. They are always getting smaller, but doing more. The laptop notebook computer is a clear example of where our future is headed. While we love having computer and Internet access, we crave for more freedom. This is why the laptop notebook computer is so prevalent in our society these days. If you haven't conformed to a simpler way of life yet, then just hop online and you will see a number of possibilities in order to purchase your first laptop notebook computer. You won't be sorry!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Telescopic Laptop Stand

Product Description
Perfect for anyone on the go! Cyberlegs takes the "lap" out of laptop, and makes your portable computer more comfortable to use! In just under 30 seconds, you can extend the legs, snap your notebook computer in place, and have a fully functional mobile platform! Make your travel computing more comfortable today. Extends to 27".

Technical Details

* Legs fully extend to 28 1/2" (total laptop height 29 1/2")
* Lightweight! Weighs only 22 ounces
* Compact! Only 17" long x 4" in diameter
* Sturdy extruded aluminum construction
* Molded non-slip rubber feet

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Benefits Of A LapDesk

A lap desk is somehow considered specialty items. Certain lap desks have a removable monopod, which makes them collapsible cousins to the lectern desk. Others have two short collapsible legs, so that they can be used both in bed and on a lap. In our context, lap desk is used to a base for a laptop. Here's a few benefit of using a lap desk for a laptop:
  1. Ideal for travelling - Can be used on an airplane, at home or at work. Simply anywhere since it's portable enough to be fit in a laptop case.
  2. Mobile convenience - Apart of its mobility, a laptop lapdesk normally has a non-skid surface that can hold a laptop in place firmly.
  3. Improved air flow - Normally, a typical laptop would produce heat when operating. Ventilation is vital for a laptop to perform at it's optimal performance. A lap desk for a laptop provides ample ventilation for airflow to move around.
Furthermore, a laptop lapdesk would be perfect if you don't like to sit on a table. Check out products available down below:

Wood Type Lapdesk

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A Laptop Desk In Your Car?

If you are a war driver, you'll be most likely driving around in your car with your laptop in seeking for a Wi-Fi connection to tap in. However, war drivers doesn't really need a place to store all these stuff such as the mobile car desk shown below since normally they're mostly hobbyist:

So, who uses this mobile car desk? Let's see some features first:
Product Features
  • Works great as a Police Car Desk or portable desk for the car
  • On top, non-skid material stabilizes briefcase, laptop computer or wide-base printers
  • Large storage area inside the AutoExec holds computer, planner, cellular phone and more
  • Top-loading storage compartments hold small tools and supplies such as a calculator, files, pencils, tape recorder, notepads, etc
  • Fits in the passenger seat and is safely secured with the seatbelt
With all these stuff put into the desk, I guess the desk alone would be quite heavy so it's not really suitable to put on your lap. It is recommended to put this mobile car desk on the passenger seat. Depending on the size of your car, this product is quite practical in a compact car while waiting for someone or stuck in a long traffic jam. Workaholics or mobile worker would just love this product since they can do their work while on the go.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Bumpers For Your Laptop

I'm not really sure if this product could be called a bumper. Bumpers should protect the side of a laptop instead of the lower part of it. It is more like a suspension if you ask me.

They have a video for this product at Bodelin Technologies. The video is somehow hillarious for me especially when a female voice is saying "Dr Bodelin's".

About Laptop Thing

This blog is created to document my findings about interesting laptop accessories and things related to using a laptop. Check out this statistics taken from Fiberlink:
Public Wireless LAN Trends
  • More than 16 million laptops with embedded Wi-Fi were purchased by businesses in 2003. By next year, Wi-Fi will be standard in virtually every laptop sold.
Source: Business Communications Review, August 1, 2004
  • According to In-Stat/MDR, more than 75 million Wi-Fi devices have been deployed worldwide, and another 4 million new WLAN devices are being shipped per month
Source: Computerworld, October 4, 2004
  • Researchers project that the number of embedded Wi-Fi clients-including mobile PCs, PDAs and phones-that are shipped will grow at a 66.2 percent compound annual growth rate to 226 million units by 2008.
Source: eWeek, August 26, 2004
Although the statistics is kind of outdated, it shows strong growth of mobile computing. It also shows a lot of potential for laptop accessories makers to supply their products.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay here at Laptop Thing!