Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A Laptop Desk In Your Car?

If you are a war driver, you'll be most likely driving around in your car with your laptop in seeking for a Wi-Fi connection to tap in. However, war drivers doesn't really need a place to store all these stuff such as the mobile car desk shown below since normally they're mostly hobbyist:

So, who uses this mobile car desk? Let's see some features first:
Product Features
  • Works great as a Police Car Desk or portable desk for the car
  • On top, non-skid material stabilizes briefcase, laptop computer or wide-base printers
  • Large storage area inside the AutoExec holds computer, planner, cellular phone and more
  • Top-loading storage compartments hold small tools and supplies such as a calculator, files, pencils, tape recorder, notepads, etc
  • Fits in the passenger seat and is safely secured with the seatbelt
With all these stuff put into the desk, I guess the desk alone would be quite heavy so it's not really suitable to put on your lap. It is recommended to put this mobile car desk on the passenger seat. Depending on the size of your car, this product is quite practical in a compact car while waiting for someone or stuck in a long traffic jam. Workaholics or mobile worker would just love this product since they can do their work while on the go.

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