Friday, March 18, 2011

Lapworks Laptop Desk Ultralite

Laptop Desk Ultralite, ultra-slim, ultra-compact, ultra-portable laptops used for the enhancement, quickly converts from a desktop stand, lap desk. It cools the laptop up to 20%. 5 ergonomic typing angles.

Ultralite Laptop Desk, Laptop Table Notebook is the ultimate more - less the solution. Designed to reduce heat ventilation channels in the new non-slip pad Ultralite strategically positioned on the top and bottom to provide maximum grip, stablity and increase ventilation in a notebook.

When you use a laptop on the tray, you can choose one of five positions, ergonomically comfortable typing angles. Ultralite raise the screen by as much as 3.25 "closer to eye level Lapworks Laptop Desk Ultralite has been built and -. mousing surface.

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